Our Donors

AWSDC has been strategic partners of Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), UN-WOMEN, Equality Fund, UNDP and ICAN and UNHCR (2020-2023). AWSDC is currently managing a peacebuilding, Women and Child Protection and Humanitarian Services and Managing women protection center (Shelter). The organization annual turnover on average is USD One Million. Historically AWSDC has proven experience in managing project and grants from UN-WOMEN, Embassies, USAID and UN agencies in Afghanistan. In addition to this the organization has raised funds from private and foundations as well. The organization strategic partners are UN-WOMEN, NCA, ICAN, and Equality Fund. During the last quarter of 2022, AWSDC has signed a partnership agreement with UNHCR in Women and Child Protection. The recent engagement with UNCHR and renewing commitment with UN-WOMEN will increase AWSDC annual grant up to 1.5 million USD.