Improving Livelihood of Vulnerable People…

Improving Livelihood of Vulnerable People in Faryab Province project kick off

The Afghan Women Skills Development Center (AWSDC) in continue humanitarian work and improve livelihood services in Afghanistan, this time implementing the Improving Economic Livelihoods of Vulnerable Families in Faryab Province.

Clean water helps keep kids in school, especially girls.

span 17 months, will cover 554 families, including 2,077 men and 1,803 women and children.

The services provided to the people through the project includes the rehabilitation of 10 wells of safe drinking water, which will provide clean and healthy drinking water to 1,500 people. 50 female family heads to be thought professional skills such as sewing and poultry. Three small irrigation networks have also been restored enabling 40 young people to have the opportunity of income through Cash for Work program. 30 people will be taught economic issues such as how to economically empower the people and how to access safe drinking water
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