The Afghan Women Skills Development Center (AWSDC) is a national non-governmental organization (NGO), based in Kabul and dedicated to the promotion and protection of the rights of women in Afghanistan. It was founded in 1999 in Pakistan with a mission to provide Afghan women refugees with training and support for their skills development and economic empowerment. After the relocation of AWSDC from Pakistan to Kabul in 2001. AWSDC expanded its activities like to bring justice to afghan women also to give back their basic right from the society, On the other hand, working on peace and conflict in the communities also to protect women human rights defenders those who are at risk in the ground and on women empowerment through economic.

Our Mission

To eliminate violence against women and their families by providing safe refuge, legal services, counselling and advocacy in cooperation with government and civil society

Our vision

A society where Women are no longer subjected to violence, live in dignity and are able to Participate in all aspects of life





We oppose discrimination against women and all minorities, promoting their rights to participate in all spheres of life, while respecting and upholding the equal rights of all citizens.


We seek to promote trust among our beneficiaries and staff through our dedication to our values and our devotion to our mission. We strive also to promote a spirit of voluntarism and service to the community in all that we do.


We remain true to our vision and mission, and will always act with honesty and transparency, ready to be held accountable for all our actions by our beneficiaries and all other stakeholders.


Fully aware of the dangers of the multiple conflicts taking place at all levels of society in Afghanistan, we are careful to act sensitively to conflicts in order not to exacerbate them or to cause further harm.


We work in close cooperation, solidarity, and friendship with vulnerable Afghan women, while also presenting a friendly face to all other stakeholders and promoting wider cooperation throughout Afghanistan.