Afghan Women Skills Development Center

Background of AWSDC

The Afghan Women Skills Development Center (AWSDC) is a national non-governmental organisation (NGO), based in Kabul and dedicated to the promotion and protection of the rights of women in Afghanistan. It was founded in 1999 in Pakistan with a mission to provide Afghan women refugees with training and support for their skills development and economic empowerment. After the relocation of AWSDC from Pakistan to Kabul on 2001. AWSDC expanded their activities like to bring justice to afghan women also to give back their basic right from the society in other hand working on peace and conflict in the communities also to protect women human right’s defenders those who are at risk in the ground and on women empowerment through economic.

More About Us

In order to promote the enhancement of the status of women in social, political and economic life in Afghanistan, AWSDC employs a human rights-based approach that aims to build the capacities of women to claim their rights, while also raising the awareness of duty bearers at all levels of society of their legal and moral obligations towards the protection and promotion of women and their rights.  In doing this, AWSDC works at the community level, forming partnerships and working relationships with local communities and their predominantly male elders, religious leaders, political personalities, and government officials, in order to raise community-wide acceptance and support for gender equality and the broader participation of women in all areas of society.