At the Women in Peace Festival, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Sayeeda “Muradi” Provincial Manager of Faryab AWSDC  field office, Spoke at the panel titled”Peace Talks Post US/NATO Exit and Rule of Taliban Affecting Women in the Region”.

She strongly emphasized on women’s participation in the peace process anywhere in the world because of the following:

• The presence of women is not just about putting women’s faces at the negotiating table.
• Women inclusion means bringing the perspectives of more than half of the population into the peace process.
• Women inclusion is about making sure the rights; concerns and contributions of women are well-thought-out at every turn and communicated forcefully in closed-door meetings with the government and the Taliban and with other insurgent groups.
• We strongly believe that any sort of political settlement, power-sharing plans or proposed constitutional reforms will affect every aspect of women’s lives, and they must have seats at the table rather men would decide what is best for women.

Women’s participation/visibility strengthens our belief that we need to have more such conversation to make sure women are participating actively and meaningfully where any sort of political discourse or movement takes place. If women are not included it means the entire struggle is to strengthen deep-rooted patriarchy and male chauvinism and nothing else. Women at the core of the peacemaking process are equally important within the country or across the border for sustainable peace in the region.

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