About the Sultan Maqsood Fazel

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan and currently serve as Project Management Consultant for QRTDW in Afghanistan

Expertise in market assessment, research in housing sector, business planning, business development, organizational strategic plans, business management, organizational development, general mortgage assessment programs, capacity building, strategic training, advocacy & policy analysis and communication. While serving in various institutions, played a strong role in building capacities of Afghan aid agencies to enable them to understand Afghanistan’s national strategies/plans and to lobby the Government to include civil society perspectives in the development of policies and development priorities.

Also conducted consultancy works with various profit and non-profit entities.  Trained moderator for planning workshops, experienced organizational assessment expert, highly efficient organizational development specialist and trained human resource development specialist. Significant experience in NGOs as well as corporate environment in Afghanistan, Pakistan, UAE, Libya and Europe. Blending strong understanding of investment environment in Afghanistan, coupled with extensive experience in planning for business operations in challenging environments of Afghanistan are key strengths supporting corporate and non-governmental and governmental partners.