About the Shafiqa Habibi

Is a journalist, television anchor, activist and politician from Afghanistan. She is known for her work to support women journalists, and for her 2004 candidacy for Vice President of Afghanistan as the running mate of Abdul Rashid Dostum.

Shafiqa Habibi is from an Ahmedzai Pashtun family from an upper-class background. Although she grew up in Kabul, her family is from Logar province. In 1966, Habibi obtained a degree in journalism from Kabul University. She is married to Mahmoud Habibi, who served in various positions in the Afghanistan government. These roles included information minister to King Zahir Shah, and president of the Afghan senate under President Mohammad Najibullah When the Mujahideen took control of Kabul in 1992, she and her husband briefly moved to Mazar-e-Sharif, along with hundreds of thousands of others.\ When the United States began bombing Kabul in 2001, Habibi fled to the city of Peshawar, in Pakistan.

Habibi is known as a campaigner for human-rights and as a public intellectual. In 2002, she won the Ida B. Wells Bravery in Journalism Award. Also in 2002, the non-profit organization Women’s eNews named Habibi as one of “21 Leaders for 21st Century” in 2002, for her work as a journalist covering women’s rights, and also for organizing other women journalists.[7] In 2005, she was among a thousand women nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.